Data Engineering

Experience, skills and tools to help you derive business value from data.
Leverage industry best practices and analytic methods to turn data into insights that solve a variety of challenges for business stakeholders company-wide.

Develop capabilities to exploit big data!

We help you choose the right data and transform your company’s capabilities by developing business-relevant analytics that can be put to use. Build models that predict and optimize business outcomes.

  • Data & Analytics Strategy
  • Data visualization
  • Big data & Artificial Intelligence
  • SEO strategy

Success Case

Our Role

Strategy, Data Analytics, UX


June 2019

How did Top Economic media channel duplicate its audience in one year.


Create custom dashboards for both media management and journalists to help them make better decisions.


Detecting that a small proportion of readers generated a large percentage of pageviews, and sizing those numbers, resulted in a radical shift in their commercial and marketing strategy.


Custom Google Analytics data layer implementation through Tag Manager and data import into Custom Data Studio Dashboard, imitating and improving Google’s News Consumer Insights’ audience segmentation for publishers.

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