Monitor & Optimize your Web Performance

Digital Experience

Our Digital Experience Platform gathers data at big scale and enables you to deliver High Web Performance for you and your end users.

Digital experience is the backbone of your business

Monitoring and optimizing your performance should be a priority in your overall business strategy.

UX Optimization

Gain visibility into your UX and better understand how key UX metrics impact the user with an interactive filmstrip that captures everything the user sees while the page is loading.

Real Time Alerts

Discover the areas of your performance that need the most improvement to always deliver amazing experiences.

Performance Budgets

Automatically analyze your applications to ensure they align with internal standards and enforce performance budgets.

The magic behind our insights

Based on machine learning at a massive scale

Step one

Test your Web Performance

From nodes all across the globe, from desktop and real mobile devices.

Step two


All your web performance tests are measured and stored.

Step three


The data is processed by machine learning algorithms.

Step four


Finalized, accurate statistics & insights are at your fingertips in order to deliver next generation web experiences.



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